Google Fonts and Drupal AT Commerce Theme

Google FontsSomething really exciting in the world of website development, is the advent of Google Fonts. Until recently most websites have been limited to a set of 9-13 font families that are available on >97% of all computers. The reason for this is because fonts are supplied by your browser (ie. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Google Chrome) If you notice a vaguely similar layout of the websites I have completed recently, what you are seeing is the Drupal theme "AT Commerce" from Adaptive Themes. I use it because it provides a lot of flexibility in terms of layout and colors and it creates websites that look sharp and professional on all the various platforms including mobile devices. Another very nice feature of AT Commerce is that support for Google fonts is built-in. You can specify any of the open source Google Fonts specifically for Headers, Titles, Menus, etc.

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